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The German information page of horses and horseback riding

Joy and Fun with Horseback Riding

Here you find interesting and important information around horses and horseback riding.
Experienced experts advise you with the topics concerned.  Everyone can take part actively.

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A lot of million people try to find their luck with horses and horse back riding.
Riding is a not a cheap but also a time intensive hobby. Especially if you have an own horse. But hardly a kind of sport is as fascinating as horse back riding. Nevertheless it is a partnership with another organism, which often lasts a whole horse life long.
For sporty successes or also only completely simply that it makes only fun, this partnership must function. If not, usually both sides suffer strongly under it. In the worst case even health and lives are endangered by horse and rider.
We the team of in Germany would like to exchange therefore our knowledge with other friends of horseback riding.
So that we all can enjoy our wonderful partnership  with our noble horses for many further years with much joy and fun.

:-) Much fun thereby wishes you Thomas of the team

If you have interesting news and information about horses and horse back riding which we should publish at this website then please send an email to our team!

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