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Joy and Fun with Horseback Riding

Books and Literature about Horses and Horse Back Riding

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Books about Horses and Horse Back Riding

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101 Jumping Exercises for Horse & Rider


by Linda L. Allen, Dianna R. Dennis (Contributor), David O'Connor

Equestrian competition is a fluid melding of horse and rider. But the grace and beauty one sees in the competition ring does not just happen. Like any sport, it is the result of hours of practice. Allen, a former international competitive rider, licensed judge, and Olympic course designer, offers a series of exercises for horse and rider designed to isolate and master specific skills. The increasingly complex exercises conclude with skills for more advanced riders, but she begins with basic skills, such as the walk and trot. Throughout she emphasizes straightness, calmness, balance, and rhythm...

Cavalletti: The Schooling of Horse and Rider Over Ground Rules

by Ingrid Klimke, Reiner Klimke, Brenda Williams

The usefulness of cavalletti work in the training of horses and riders receives renewed attention and authority with the reissuing of this classic work by legendary dressage rider and trainer Reiner Klimke. In this comprehensive, handy volume, Dr. Klimke authoritatively demonstrates how cavalletti work facilitates and improves the basic training of horses for all forms of horsemanship, especially with regard to fundamental and more advanced gymnastic work for hunters, jumpers, and combined training horses and riders...

What Is This Madness: Ride & Tie: The Invention and Growth of a Sport

by Bud Johns

The story of how a historical means of transportation for two humans sharing a single horse--used from necessity to travel long distances in Colonial America and the Old West and even earlier in England --inspired the author to invent the sport of Ride and Tie. Illustrated with 41 photographs and one diagram.



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